Shari Langemak

The Future is already here: 5 Innovations that will change Healthcare forever

For the last hundreds of years, medicine has steadily improved – one step after another. Now however, in ftimes of digital disruption and exponential growth of technological innovation, the biggest and most rapid changes are yet to come. In fact, the technologies are already here. Big Data, Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence, Body Augmentation and Patient-centered Devices might not yet be used to their fullest capabilities, but they have already started to change medical practice forever.

The technological progress helps doctors to make better decisions, patients to take over more responsibilities, governments to better adjust costs, and companies to create more effective treatments and devices. However, this progress comes at a price. Data privacy, doctors’ and patients’ responsibilities, technological limitations as well as exploding healthcare costs are pressing challenges in our near future.

This talk aims to provide a practical view on the 5 most important innovations in medicine, as well as the challenges that come with them.