Doctoral Colloquium

Special Panel Session during HEC2016/MIE2016 for PhD Candidates in the field of Biomedical and Health Informatics

Deadline extended until Friday, 27 Mai 2016


The MIE2016 provides an ideal opportunity for doctoral students to explore their research interests in an interdisciplinary workshop, under the guidance of a panel of distinguished and internationally renowned researchers. The Session has the following specific objectives:

  • Provide a platform for PhD candidates to present their on-going work and receive supportive feedback by the panelists on participants' current research and guidance on future research directions.
  • Provide to each participant comments and fresh perspectives on their work by internationally well-known researchers with experience in supervising PhD candidates and editing international journals in the field.
  • Promote the objectives of the EFMI Conferences to support young scientists in their early carrier in the field of Biomedical and Health Informatics.


The Panel Session will be held during MIE2016/HEC2016. Details will be provided when the official programme will be announced. Up to 8 PhD candidates will be selected to present their work and four panelists will comment on their work and presentation providing supporting feedback. Student participants will have their extended abstracts (3 pages) published in the conference proceedings.

Applying to the Special Panel Session for PhD Candidates

Submissions are invited from current PhD candidates pursuing their research who would benefit from detailed discussions of their doctoral research by a panel of established researchers. The brief presentations (10 minutes’ presentation followed by 5 minutes’ feedback by the panelists, and 5 minutes feedback by the audience) will be done at a MIE2016 conference panel session providing feedback on the young researchers’ current research and guidance for future progress. Selected applicants will be selected applying selection criteria as shown below.

NB. In case of no selection for presentation it means that the time provided for the session was not adequate to accommodate all applicants and not that the contents or the research work of the applicant was not good enough to be selected.

Extended Abstract

Prepare a three-page extended abstract of your thesis work including: title, author information, abstract, keywords, thesis research summary, and references. This extended abstract (in case of acceptance for presentation at the Panel) will be published in a separate chapter in the MIE2016 Conference Proceedings. Submissions should follow the instructions of the MIE2016 conference template of IOS Press (see attachment).

The extended abstract should clearly specify:

  • The problem(s) that the proposed research is addressing.
  • The main contribution(s) of the research to the field of Medical informatics.
  • The proposed solution(s), including a brief description of the methodology adopted (for example, with the scheme Methods-Results-Discussion for experimental studies), of the current status, limitations, and of a tentative plan for future work.


Additional Information

  • The applicant should include in his submission letter/email his Surname/name, University and School (where she/he is registered), date of enrolment as PhD candidate, title of his thesis/dissertation or research area, email address and snail mailing address for correspondence.


Review Criteria

The Doctoral Colloquium contribution will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Originality of work.
  • Importance of the work for setting up the fundamental aspects of biomedical and health informatics.
  • Rigorousness and soundness of results, gained or expected.
  • Balance between topic, theoretical and experimental results and distribution across EFMI member states.


Confidentiality of Submissions

Confidentiality of submissions is maintained during the reviewing process. Only accepted submissions will be published. All submitted materials for accepted submissions will be kept confidential until the start of the conference. Submissions should contain no information or materials that are proprietary at publication time.

Submission procedure and timeline

All interested applicants should submit their extended abstracts including the information as requested above to the following email address: before 27.05.2016.

Results of the selection will be sent out until June 1st 2016; revisions required for inclusion in the proceedings should then be returned until 10.06.2016.


Accepted Ph.D. candidates can be entitled to EFMI bursary, based on the application procedure; see

IOS Press template (DOCX)
IOS Press template