Chris Lehmann

Making EHRs safer for Children: Developing a Model Pediatric EHR

With the surge in the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), many EHRs lack basic functionality considered critical to safe and effective care. Children account for more than a quarter of all patients and must be considered a vulnerable population because of age-specific physiologic and developmental variances that may not be adequately addressed by adult-specific data tools. HIT tailored to the needs of children and pediatric health care providers can help to reduce risk by decreasing the likelihood of errors through information assurance and minimizing the harm that results from errors. Dr. Lehmann will discuss the state of EHRs used in pediatric settings, describe the evidence behind the use of pediatric functionalities like weight-based dosing, immunization fore-casting, and growth charts  and discuss the development of the Model Pediatric EHR format from the HL7 EHR Child Health Functional Profile as well as the 2015 prioritization list.